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Extension : .sql

Size  :  1000kb

Tables  :  5


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Dummy sql file


Completely safe to use
Our SQL Viewer is completely reliable as it does not track or keep records of any of the .sql files that you work on it. As soon as you leave, all the records and tables are erased automatically.
Free to use with cross-platform functionality
The best thing about this SQL Viewer is that it is completely free to use. This means that you don't have to spend a single penny from your pockets to avail its services. The cherry on the cake is it can be used on any platform, be it Windows, macOS or Linux. Since it is an online tool, it does not require any downloads or have specific system requirements and can be accessed anytime with just an internet connection.
Can export tables in one click
Our SQL Viewer can export the tables that you need in just one click and download it as an excel sheet to your machine. This functionality comes in handy when you want to refer to a particular table in the future or work offline.
Very fast and efficient
You can get the results of your query within the blink of an eye. It's that fast. Our SQL Viewer also brings in efficiency by displaying a limited number of table contents at a time so that the focus still remains on the data. However, if you want to see the rest of the table contents, there is also an option for that.
Super easy to use with a minimalistic design
Our SQL Viewer is very easy to use as it requires no prior knowledge or understanding. This makes it a suitable tool to be used by beginners too. The best thing that makes our SQL Viewer stand out from the ones available in the market is its minimalistic design. With just 2-3 buttons, there's no chance of getting overwhelmed and the whole layout is self-explanatory.

How to use SQL Viewer

  1. Open our SQL Viewer on your browser
  2. Click on UPLOAD FILE and choose the SQL file that you want to work with. You can also drag and drop your SQL file inside the blue box
  3. Your file will load within seconds
  4. To execute your queries, type them inside the white query box on the top and hit EXECUTE QUERY
  5. Use the left navigation pane to quickly switch between various tables
  6. Click on the EXPORT TABLE button to download the current table as an Excel sheet
  7. When you are done, simply close the SQL Viewer and all your files will be removed immediately. It's that simple.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the other features provided with this tool?

    One obvious feature of our tool is to view your SQL files in clean format. Apart from it, it provides features to run read queries and export tables directly into your local machine. You can also choose to practice with a demo SQL file in case you do not have any SQL file.

  • What will happen if I refresh the browser while working with it?

    Since this tool does not keep any kinds of records to guarantee your safety, so if you refresh the browser, you need to re-upload the file you were working with.

  • Is it safe to use SQL Viewer?

    Yes! Our SQL Viewer guarantees your file safety as no one but you has access to your SQL files. The SQL viewer does not and cannot keep records of the files you are working with and erases them as soon as you leave the site.

  • While using this tool, will any ads pop up?

    Since this tool is completely free to use without any sign ups, it does not interrupt you with pesky ads and is completely add-free. We believe in providing our users a smooth wholesome experience and making it ad-free is the primary key to it.

  • Can I download the tables that I am working with?

    Absolutely yes! Just click on the EXPORT TABLE button and it will automatically download the table you are working with as an excel sheet into your local machine.

  • Can I execute queries in the SQL Viewer?

    Yes! Probably the best feature of our SQL viewer is its ability to execute all the read queries and fetch instant results. Not only does this help in filtering the data, but also makes it easily accessible for exports.

  • Will it work on a smaller screen device such as a mobile or tablet?

    Yes, it will work fine with a mobile or a tablet device too. Since our SQL Viewer is an online tool, it will work with any device with an internet connection. That's the one of the biggest advantages of being online as it as no demands for specific system requirements.

  • Is it free to use?

    It is completely free to use. It does not even has any paid plans or features that require spending any money for using them. Just visit our SQL Viewer and enjoy. We don't charge anything for using this feature.

  • Do I have to sign up to use this service?

    Not at all! We believe that ease of access and time are very important factors when working with a tool and therefore we do not require our users to spend their valuable time in unnecessary sign ups.

  • What is SQL Viewer?

    SQL Viewer is an online tool that lets you view your SQL file online without downloading any third-party tool. SQL Viewer helps you to read a file that has a .sql name extension. you can view the tables, and data present in .sql files online. Our tool works on Linux, Windows , and Mac.

  • Will this SQL Viewer work on Mac and Linux?

    Our SQL Viewer is an Online tool and as an online tool, it is platform-independent. Doesn't matter if you have Linux, Mac, Windows, or Ubuntu-based device our tool works for you. Use chrome or firefox browser for better output.

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