Common spelling mistakes in english, which will kill your brand-First impressions count

When people first see your commercials, website or email from your company within a few seconds they form an irreversible idea about your company, its products and the website. Everyone who has spent a considerable amount of time on social media sites has perhaps noticed how the standards of grammar and spelling has been lowered. It seems that everyone from your boss to your grandparents have started using abbreviations like “u” instead of “you” and “tmw” instead of “tomorrow” and terms like lol and btw showcase how the usage of language is changing. The random typo mistakes have made us heavily dependent on auto correct usage.For business owners and marketeers the errors in spelling mistakes have a larger effect. If your message isn’t clear and you inadvertently misuse apostrophe and comma,potential customers will notice, react and cause you to lose your sales. First impressions count!

Have a look at this, from a major US insurance company’s product page (2014):

“Teen Driver Discount: Parents and teens have enough to worry about when a teenager is learning how to drive; getting a teen auto insurance shouldn’t be one of them. Learn about our teen driver discounts that can keep your rates down while rewardring your teen for responsible driving.”

This is where a reader may think, if a company can’t get basic spelling right, what else would they be screwing up?. Misspellings in your webcopy are a sure way to damage the credibility of your business.

Well, it’s just human nature to make mistakes. The expansion and growth of the internet means that everyone is creating and publishing more content than ever. The sheer volume of social media posts, articles, blogs, images, videos and much more mean that there could be a potential for error. In addition there is also immense pressure to generate large amounts of content that not only echo the voice of your brand but also fit the tone and voice of the given platform. Many customers or consumers will perhaps not take notice if the mistakes are minor. However, larger errors could indeed damage your credibility as an organization as well as a marketeer. After all, many people tend to harshly judge others by their spelling and grammatical mistakes! Many people also associate spelling mistakes on websites with negative aspects and regard them as spam- specially if such mistakes in content appear from websites or brands that claim to have unique expertise in the area- thereby completely invalidating the message!

Statistically, 54% of websites contain spelling mistakes and a single spelling mistake on a site can cause conversion rates to drop by as much as 72%. Let us take a small example of a sportsman- Sportsmen that compete at the highest excellence tend to perfect everything right from diet, rigorous workout routine, to the specific goals ruled out within their given sport. Similarly, to be a competitive business, the idea of the professional sportsman can be used as a similitude as far as having a competitive edge goes. Perfecting your spelling and business website, much like a sportsman, is a crucial part of being a competitive business.

The education of the general public is rising, and so are their expectations of error free content. Vast majority of literate adult consumers will certainly notice any errors on your webpage, therefore making it very difficult to market cheap written contents.Not to mention the public backlash and embarrassment it can cause! Utilizing spell checks or getting it peer reviewed could be a possible idea to avoid such errors. An article by the BBC reported nearly a decade ago that spelling mistakes in the UK cost businesses millions of dollars in sales in 2011.

As a business you have certainly invested a considerable amount of capital to create a presence for your brand and errors like these can surely shoot you in the foot. Error in spellings on your website can also affect the search engine optimization- as search engines won’t be able to recognise keywords if they are misspelled.

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It is therefore important to ensure that the keywords on your website are written error free. This will allow you to effectively reach your target audience through the keywords and your website will appear as professional as possible.

List of common spelling mistakes while writing a content for website

Charles Duncombe, CEO of a $20 million-per-year online retail group, wondered why his online hosiery site was underperforming.He discovered a spelling mistake in a prominent line on a product page, where the word ‘Tights’ was spelt ‘Tihgts’. Though it looked like a minor spelling error, it reduced his sales upto 44% and once this was fixed the conversion rate rose to 80%.

OkTrends, the research arm of OkCupid, published an article having analysed over half a million first contacts on their dating website, looking at keywords and phrases. Simple punctuation mistakes – writing cant instead of can’t – slashed the response rate from 32% to just 8%. Indeed a catastrophic 75% drop in response.

alot a lot or allot
alterior ulterior
athiest atheist
beggining beginning

Chairman chairperson

Program programme

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