It could arguably be a satisfying mischief to spot someone else’s spelling mistake! We instantly put on our grammar nazi caps and act like some pompous know it all.While internet terminologies like ttyl, wtf and lol are changing the way people communicate both online and offline, there is still enough room for a case to be made on the importance of spelling and grammar. Well, making errors is perfectly natural- as humans. There is no shortage of spelling mistakes around us right from words like ‘bonerless steaks’ to ‘pay before existing the restaurant’. While these errors look quite funny it could potentially be embarrassing and harmful for brands.

That is why we have collected #35 embarrassing spelling mistake errors to give you a subtle reminder to review before you publish!!

#Shoplifters will be prostituted

#Shamed by you English

#Go slow, accident porn area

#School two easy for kids

#Handel is broken

#Mc Donalds :Hiring smiling faces for afternoon shits

#Private parking- Illegally parked cars will be fine

#Please pay your parking fee before existing

#Mini Dognuts

#Student get first hand job experience

#When you hug a guy and you smell his colon

#Fortune cookie note- You will get admiration from your pears

#No pubic restroom

#Richard Howard scuba diva

#Caution: Heavy erection under process

#Your the best teacher ever

#Take 1 capsule by mouth every 12 hours with wood

#Mc Donalds: Now hiring smiling feces

#Bon Ape tit

#Executive bored room

#30 degrees, warming up not ass cold

#No regerts

#Infectious disease/ STD - Genital wards

#I raped her in a towel(wrapped)


# At a bakery-Please use tongue or tissue paper, while making your selection

#Same juice brand with three different spellings- Original, Orignal, Orginal

#I will miss the friends I have boned with for years!

#Good Guys classic burger - Anus beef, Lettuce and Tomato sauce (eww)

#Ladies, after using the toilet, make sure that you flash. Let’s keep our toilets clean.

#15 best things about our pubic schools (

#Take one capsule by mouth three hours before ded

#No celery phones!

#VSweat tea

#No smoking aloud

Three quarters of people (75 percent) admitted they would be embarrassed by a spelling mistake on their CV, however fatal errors have occurred as Oxford Open Learning discovers.

Emma, a video director from York recalled a simple spelling mistake on her CV that left her red faced: “I spelt ‘minute’ wrong on my film CV when I was a young post-grad, the CV was titled ‘Art Director – 8 minuet short’. It worked out okay though as they thought I specialised in dance videos because of having ‘minuet’ in the title so I got a job from it. My agency let me know shortly after and I almost died. So embarrassing.”

If your business has errors on the website, newsletter, social media or advertisements it could hurt your credibility and consumers could find you less favorable. On an average it takes 6 seconds to capture a user’s attention to these mistakes. In 2017 President Trump seemed to tag the wrong woman on twitter and social media went splits! Taking aim at Theresa May’s rebuke at his actions, he ended tagging a woman from Bognor - Theresa May Scrivener. Trump’s school boy error was met with amusement and left many Brits wondering.

Post US election result, Donald Trump sent out another misspelled tweet before replacing it with the correct one - as he waited to hear if he would remain President. Instead of writing ‘polls’ he wrote ‘poles’ in his tweet! It is indeed amazing how the former US President managed to make such errors. Now you see how a misplacement of letters could give a new meaning to your text.

Oxford Open Learning Trust has come up with a list of most difficult words to spell:

  1. Haemorrhage
  2. Manoeuvre
  3. Conscientious
  4. Desiccate
  5. Conscience
  6. Nauseous
  7. Embarrassment
  8. Pronunciation
  9. Mischievous
  10. Minuscule

Charles Duncombe from mentioned how misspelled words put off customers from trusting the credibility of the website. He further mentioned that the effect of such amateur mistakes was evident after his revenue initially dropped and then shot up, once he fixed the error on his website. It’s not only spellings, but also grammar that people notice- verbs, nouns, prepositions and all!

Therefore it is important to check your spelling or grammatical mistakes as:-

1. It limits the chances that your message will be misunderstood or misinterpreted.

2. It reflects your credibility, intelligence and reliability.

3. It also indicates that you care about how you do business.

Even though Spellchecker is a widely used valuable tool, it sometimes fails to capture the nuances of homophones(words pronounced the same as another word but has different spelling and meaning). We are all human and bound to make mistakes but these mistakes could cause your company its repute and sales. Your content will fail to generate the traffic, ranking and leads you were expecting. Will such mistakes be forgotten soon? Perhaps if you have larger brand presence and take caution to rectify such errors. But, if your band publishes such mistakes again? It will only end up making your company look- foolish.

Some quick tips to ensure that such error doesn’t happen again -

1.Spell check and proofread

2.Use peer review

3.Read it from bottom up

4.Read your work aloud

5.Use some online tool

Mary Norris(Australian women’s rights activist) has been quoted saying that“The English language is full of words that are just waiting to be misspelled, and the world is full of sticklers, ready to pounce.”_ Building up a loyal, engaged community of clients will go a long way into reaping benefits. And clients never like to waste their time on cheap content. The old saying goes, ‘bad news, travels fast’. Ultimately, people can love you or hate you depending on how you project your brand.Therefore, it is important to be as accurate as possible while dealing with potential clients as your reputation and bottom line depend on it.

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