Adb forward

This command is used to list all forward socket connections and is aldo used for port forwarding

abd forward tcp:6123 tcp:7123

Forwards the Computer Port 6123 to Android Device Port 7123

abd forward tcp:6123 tcp:7123

adb forward --list

adb forward --list

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is adb forward command?

It is a command used to list all forward sockets and port forwarding.

What is the difference between adb forward --list and adb forward tcp:6123 tcp:7123?

The adb forward --list command is used to list all forward sockets whereas the adb forward tcp:6123 tcp:7123 is used for forwarding computer port 6123 to Android port 7123

How does adb forward command work?

The adb forward command works by starting the Daemon if not already started and then displays the forward sockets or forwards the port depending on the use case of the command.

Why can't I see any results after running adb forward --list command?

If you can't see any results for the adb forward --list command, it is probably because you don't have any forward socket connections to show.

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