Adb shell top

adb shell top

This command is used to show the process activity in real time

adb shell top -H

Displays the threads

adb shell top -H

adb shell top -m numberOfTasks

Displays the specified number of tasks

adb shell top -m 50

adb shell top

adb shell top

Frequently Asked Questions

What is adb shell top command?

The adb shell top command allows users to monitor processes and system resource usage.

How does adb shell top command work?

The adb shell top command works by showing real time process stats. Once you hit the command, you can move your cursor left or right to change the sort, up or down to move through the list. You can hit the Space key to force update, R to reverse sort, and Q to exit.

Can I see the CPU and Memory usage using this command?

Yes, you can see all the resources including CPU, Memory and Time using this command.