Adb shell cd

adb shell cd

This command is used to naviagate to another directory

Change directory using adb command

Move Location to new directory

adb shell cd /mnt/sdcard/Download

adb shell cd /LocationToDirectory

adb shell cd /LocationToDirectory

Frequently Asked Questions

What is adb shell cd command?

It is a command that changes the working directory to the specified directory

Why is adb shell cd not working?

There are generally two reasons for adb shell cd command not working. The first one being that you have not connected any device or emulator to your system. The second one being an incorrect or corrupted directory location. If both of these cases are fine, the command is sure to execute

How to use the adb shell cd command?

Just enter the location of the directory that you want to navigate to after the command adb shell cd. For example, adb shell cd /myPhone/sdcard/Downloads