Adb pull

This command is used to copy files and directories from an Android device

adb pull -a /fileLocation/fileName

Preserves the filestamp and mode while copying

adb  pull -a /mnt/sdcard/Download/test.apk

adb pull /fileLocation/fileName

adb  pull /mnt/sdcard/Download/test.apk

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is adb pull command?

It is a command used to pull/copy files from the Android device and save it to your PC.

Why is adb pull command not working?

If you are trying to pull files and directories below /data/data directory, you will need to run the daemon with root permissions to be able to use the pull command as files and folders under these directories are not available for average user's access.

Where can the files that I pull be found in my PC?

The pulled files will be dumped/saved to the same location as your adb.exe.

How do I save the pulled files to a different location on my PC?

To save/dump the pulled files to a different location, specify the location while using the pull command like: adb pull /pullLocation/fileName\dumpLocation. Example: adb pull /sdcard/video.mp4 C:\Users\Jonathan\Desktop.

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