Adb push

adb push

This command is used to copy copy local files/directories to Android device

adb push --sync filename.extension /path/to/push/to

Only push files that are newer on the host than the Android device

adb push --sync pc.apk /mnt/sdcard/Download/test.apk

adb push filename.extension /path/to/push/to

adb push pc.apk /mnt/sdcard/Download/test.apk

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the adb push command used for?

It is a command used for pushing/copying files from PC to Android device.

Where can I find my pushed file?

You can find your pushed file at the location that you specify while using the adb push filename.extension /path/to/push/to command.

Why is the adb push command not working?

The adb push command might not be working because you specified an incoreect filename or an incorrect destination to push to.