Android html parser libraries



A sane rich text parsing and styling library.

MIT License
Updated 02 Nov 2020

Android app that uses JSoup external Library to parse HTML into DOM and then read that data

Updated 05 Jul 2020

Updated 07 Mar 2020

News app developed with news feeds provided by different news channels and news papers.By using jsoup library(HTML parser) news feed is fetched.

Updated 21 May 2018

HtmlParserLibrary allows you to load your html content in customisable ViewGroup. The various tags can be handled with android style resources and added as separate views inside the customised HTMLParserView.

Updated 21 Apr 2020

Sample for HTML Parser using Jsoup Library in an Android app using Kotlin.

Updated 25 Jul 2018

Execution stage of the capstone project temporarily uses JSOUP library to parse HTML for new programs from instantwatcher until Netflix gets back to me with an API key..

Updated 19 Mar 2016

Android Web Browsing Application built on the jsoup HTML Parsing Library which allows the user to view webpages using HTML whitelists to simplify web pages and protect against XSS attacks.

Updated 05 Jan 2017

Wired Article Android Mobile Application . Gets the last 5 articles in and checks the most common words in every one of them . Then it translates the most common move words into the Turkish Language. Used Volley as a module for sending request , Yandex API for the words translations into the Turkish Language , Picasso Library for pure and fast download and implementation for images and JSOUP Library to parse the HTML code .

Updated 24 Jun 2018

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