Android circle imageview libraries



This library is used for converting Bitmap or Drawable images to Round or Circular Shape. Round image view for Android or Circular Image View for Android.Tags Android Round Circularimageview Circle Rounded Corner imageview library.

Updated 05 Feb 2020

RoundingImageView that supports any transitions

Apache License 2.0
Updated 07 Mar 2020

An Android Library that help you to customize views (Button, EditText, ImageView), by adding border with the size and color that you want, and give it the corner radius that you seems cool, and you can also make an imageview looks like a circle.

Updated 01 Aug 2020

This library will allow developer to crop their relative layout in circle with style like gmail profile image.

MIT License
Updated 15 Aug 2020

[Android Library] Library that creates a circled - shape imageView , from an external source or a chosen color.

GNU General Public License v3.0
Updated 17 Sep 2016

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